Air Spade Investigation and Remediation

Air spade techniques utilise a two-tool air compressor and hand-held lance to dislodge soil, using highly pressurised jets of air. This allows trenches to be excavated without causing the significant root damage associated with the use of conventional digging techniques such as, spade or excavator buckets.  The airspade may also be used as a form of soil remediation by dislodging and removing compacted or contaminated top soil without causing significant root damage, in order to dress the root system of the tree with improved soil structure or increased nutrient content.

Private and Commercial Sector

Air spading may be used as a form of plant health care on trees within park and garden settings, which would benefit from improved soil structure and nutrient content in their rooting environment. This may be undertaken to improve the condition and life expectancy of a tree or as a form of remediation when heavy site traffic or excavations have damaged the rooting area of the tree.

As an investigation technique, the air spade may be used to create trial holes or trenches, uncovering significant root locations and depths without causing damage assisting foundation design or services installation.

Whether you’re a home owner looking or part of a large development, let our experienced arboricultural team assist with any investigation works in relation to trees on your property or site.

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