Arboricultural Method Statements

Arboricultural Site Supervision and Monitoring

Site supervision and monitoring are required on projects either due to the level of proposed works within close proximity to retained trees, or on projects that seek to retain particularly valuable trees within the landscape. The requirement is made by the Local Planning Authority and often in conjunction with an Arboricultural Method Statement. Particularly in areas where arboricultural supervision is required such as; tree pruning, excavations within the rooting area of trees, demolition of buildings in close proximity to trees and the removal/installation of hard surfaces near trees. The Arboricultural Consultant may provide guidance on how to apply arboricultural methodology during the works and ensure safe retention of the trees, while providing a paper trail for the client and Local Planning Authority.

Our Arboricultural Consultant may provide supervision during sensitive works, and justification for construction projects through site investigation; for example assessing root densities and rooting depths to support different foundation systems in close proximity to trees. Arboricultural supervision is often required during excavations within tree root protection areas. Providing tree work specifications to facilitate the development, during demolition/installation of hard surfaces and buildings and, as a system of monitoring tree protection over the lifetime of a project. Arboricultural supervision is an excellent way of ensuring compliance with planning conditions and gaining permission for sensitive works close to trees that otherwise may be refused.

Private sector

Whether it’s a garden, small field or single tree adjacent to a building we can provide Arboricultural supervision to supplement your planning application providing you with sound information and advice.

Commercial sector

We provide our clients with extensive arboricultural experience across multiple habitats, ranging from large areas of farmland, large industrial brownfield sites and urban re-development.

We have the experience and expertise to provide substantial arboricultural advice and supervision for large multidimensional developments, incorporating industry, residential and infrastructure elements. We have the know-how to work with conglomerations of partnerships and multiple invested parties.

Arboricultural Method Statements – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information