Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM

These assessments are completed to award construction and civil engineering projects which show a particular level of enhancement to ecology/the environment post construction.  A credit system is provided to proposals with the level depending partly on the ecological value of the proposal. We have extensive experience on single developments through to estate level proposals for both these awards.  To maximise the available credits for a development contact us to see how we can make the most of your proposals.

Commercial Sector

We conduct detailed pre-development assessments for Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM and work with clients to incorporate sound ecological mitigation into proposed schemes that provide effective ecological benefits as well as being functional features of the development. This relationship ensures that when our Ecological Surveyors undertake the post development operational assessment they can award credits accordingly allowing our clients to achieve their desirable Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM accreditation.

Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information

  • Client liaison
  • Quotation
  • Pre-construction and post-construction survey visits
  • Mapping of habitats and species recording
  • Calculation of the ecological value pre and post development
  • Mitigation recommendations such as habitat creation and enhancement
  • Credit allocation