Ecology chapters for Environmental Impact Assessment

Ecology Chapters for Environmental Impact Assessment

Depending on the scale, design and sensitivity of a proposed development site and its surrounds, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) may be required. This level of assessment considers a range of issues such as, noise, lighting and air pollution but also needs to consider the ecology of the site and its surrounds.

Commercial Sector

We provide clients with a detailed assessment of the ecological impacts of a project to supplement an Environmental Impact Assessment to address development implications of large scale projects.

Ecology Chapters for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information

  • Desk study and data search
  • Analysis of protected Statutory and Non-Statutory sites
  • Planning policy considerations
  • Field Surveys: Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Protected Species Surveys
  • Identifying baseline conditions and assessing ecological value
  • Assessment of magnitude of impacts and significance of effects
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Impact assessment: Construction and Operational
  • Residual impacts with mitigation in place