Mitigation Design

For our proposals we develop mitigation strategies to ensure that existing flora and flora can be retained within a design proposal both during and post works.  Such mitigation may include, herptile hibernacula, bird boxes or dedicated habitat creation designed into a proposal. In some instances retention of species for example, reptiles, during or post works is not possible.  In this case, translocation may be required where species are safely removed from site over a number of months.

Private Sector

We design simple and effective mitigation to ensure your project avoids injury or harm to wildlife and has minimal impact on the environment providing for both people and wildlife.

Commercial Sector

We design mitigation to incorporate, create and enhance the ecology of site as part of a management plan and/or post development agreement to supplement multi-dimensional planning applications. We have designed mitigation for multi-faceted developments ensuring places for wildlife in industry, residential and infrastructure.

Mitigation Design – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information

  • Quotation
  • Ecological Management Plans and Biodiversity Strategies
  • Habitat incorporation, enhancement and creation recommendations
  • Artificial habitat recommendations
  • Species translocation and receptor site management plans ( where required)
  • Supervised habitat removal or destructive searches (where required)
  • Post development monitoring