Phase 1 Habitat Assessment

Phase 1 Habitat Assessment

A Phase 1 Habitat Survey is the preliminary ecology survey required by Local Planning Authorities, and is the minimum ecology requirement in order to support an application. The Phase 1 Habitat Survey may however, identify the need for further more detailed protected species or habitat surveys to determine presence and any mitigation requirements.

Private Sector

Whether it’s a garden, small field or single building, we provide a Phase 1 Habitat Survey to supplement your planning application, providing you with sound ecological information and advice.

Commercial Sector

We provide our clients with extensive Phase 1 Habitat Surveys that encompass multiple habitats, ranging from large areas of farmland, large industrial brownfield sites and urban re-development.

We have the experience and expertise to undertake substantial Phase 1 Habitat Surveys for large multidimensional developments, incorporating industry, residential and infrastructure elements. We have the know-how to work with conglomerations of partnerships and multiple invested parties.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information.

  • Client liaison
  • Quotation
  • Site visit
  • Mapping of habitats
  • Species identification
  • Desk study and data search
  • Assessment for potential to support legally protected species
  • Recommendations for further Phase 2 Protected Species Surveys
  • Mitigation Recommendations
  • Report Revisions