Planning Process Advice Service

Planning Process Advice Service

We provide advice and guidance throughout the planning process from master planning through to completion. We offer this service to a range of clients be it for small residential projects or large scale residential or industrial construction projects.

Private Sector

If you need help understanding ecology and its role within the planning system we are here to help. We can provide advice concerning legislation and planning policy with regard to ecology and arboriculture allowing your planning application to go smoothly and avoid costly resubmissions.

Commercial Sector

We provide detailed ecological and arboricultural planning advice for complex sites with multiple ecological/arboricultural considerations. We offer our services to attend meetings with planning committees and other interested parties. Our expertise will ensure your project is guided correctly through the stages of planning and will ensure ecological or arboricultural planning conditions are met and therefore discharged.

Local Planning Authorities

We review ecological reports submitted to Local Planning Authorities ensuring the evidence they have provided is sound ecological advice and meets best practice guidance/legislation. If the information provided is lacking key information we will identify this so these gaps can be addressed by the applicant. We are proud of our relationship with local authorities which shows the faith that these public organisations put in our ecological expertise.


Planning Process Advice Service – Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information

  • Advising local authorities and reviewing reports
  • National, regional and local planning policy
  • Advising on European protected species legislation
  • Informing clients about nationally protected species legislation
  • Advice regarding Statutory and Non-Statutory sites