Tree Radar

Tree Radar

The Tree Radar Unit utilises ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology for internal trunk decay detection and subsurface structural root mapping. This novel and recent application to the arboricultural field has been developed and patented by TreeRadarTM Inc. under the name TRUTM (Tree Radar Unit).

The air filled hollow of a decayed trunk is an excellent reflector for detection by radar systems, as are the electromagnetic differences between the water content of roots compared with the surrounding soil. These reflections from air pockets within stem cavities, and water electromagnetic differences between roots and soil; allow the radar frequency responses to be mapped and quantified to provide a visual representation of both cavity volumes and root locations. Furthermore, use of the equipment allows the data to be captured using non-invasive techniques, allowing minimal disturbance to the tree, roots and soil structure.

Decay within stem hollows may then be accurately mapped and represented to quantify the risk of stem failure; and roots may be mapped to show rooting depth and locations providing essential information in order to design services, building foundations and other underground works without significant damage to tree roots.

Private Sector

Whether it’s a garden, small field or single building we provide a professional service to supplement your planning application providing you with sound arboricultural information and advice.

Commercial Sector

We provide our clients with extensive arboricultural advice that encompasses multiple habitats ranging from large areas of farmland and associated boundary habitat, large industrial brownfield sites and urban re-development. We have the experience and expertise to undertake arboricultural tree radar surveys for large multidimensional developments, incorporating industry, residential and infrastructure elements.

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