Barking Riverside Play areas

Barking Riverside, Dagenham

Construction of play areas to courtyard gardens & main play area

Barking Riverside LTD & Bellway Essex

DF Clark Design Team

Four weeks

Play equipment, steps, drainage, and fencing

Before the play area was constructed, drains needed to be installed to deal with rain water runoff. Three land drains were installed taking excess water away from the play zones into to the attenuation pond to the bottom of the site.

Built to ROSPA standard, all play areas throughout the Barking development were designed to fulfil the umbrella term of ‘natural play’. This term was used not only for the type of play but also the style of play equipment, drawing on earth mounding to give the effect of natural undulating ground for running & rolling,  boulders for sitting and jumping & log stepping blocks for balance and motion.

90% of the play equipment was made from timber and where possible from natural form.

Rubber cradle seats for toddlers, a rubber and steel roundabout and a double steel slide mounted on an earth bank were the only materials unable to be sourced in timber.

Steps to reach the slide were built in staked & secured logs, safety surface treatment saw the cost effective ‘grass protecta’ rubber matting enabling more play equipment to be included within the budget.

Timber post and rail ranch style fencing formed a barrier to the naturalistic attenuation pond & associated boardwalk while evergreen hedging formed the boundary to the under 5’s play area. The hedge also saw the erection of a post and wire fence for instant enclosure throughout the establishment period of the plants.