Barrier Park – London

Barrier Park, London

Construction podium gardens & play equipment to ground floor

Barratt Homes West London

Townshend LTD

Phased over two years

Play equipment, steel planters, timber clad seating, top soil, tree & shrub planting

A main element of the masterplan to the development saw public gardens located over concrete structural slabs to the ceilings of under croft parking. This type of construction meant all planting and grass areas needed to be in raised beds to ensure sufficient soil depth for plant survival. Raised planters were retained with concrete walls installed by others. As part of the design and within the landscape construction contract the retaining walls were clad with hardwood timber transforming their appearance and use to integrated seating. Prepared and cut to size at the DF Clark yard, all hardwood material was packed, labelled and sent to site for construction.

Barrier Park achieved an instant structural landscape through the specified size of the newly planted trees. Carefully craned up onto the podiums, then carefully manoeuvred by hand the 40cm girth 6-8m high trees per positioned and planted. Underground tying systems anchored the trees upright without the clutter of tree stakes again giving a greater sense of establishment.

Soil was lifted in bulk bags one at a time & stock piled to gain the most crane lifts in the given time frame. All soil spreading was done by hand & barrow within the podium gardens.

Through Townshend’s design, screening to lower level flats was achieved through bespoke fabricated galvanised planters planted with weld mesh & ivy panels, again crane lifted onto the podium deck and manoeuvred into position by hand.