Public Decking & Ponds – Barking

Barking Riverside, Dagenham

Construction of Timber Decking & Stone Steps to Public Ponds

Barking Riverside LTD

DF Clark Design Team

Six weeks

Commercial standard timber decking & stone clad steps

Constructed by FDL Ground Works & Engineering Ltd, the ponds were dug and ready for dressing with board walks, weirs & steps. With the water drained, DF Clark constructed a number of concrete footing pads closely spaced to take the posts of the deck frame. Following the curing period of concrete pads, post and beams were fitted giving the structure shape ready for 1500m2 of commercial deck boards to be laid. Steps in the decking responded to proposed site levels as well as the design that saw an amphitheatre effect set of steps to the water’s edge.

A second pond saw a similar design and same construction method all be it on a smaller scale. Here Gabion walls retained soil to proposed levels. Constructed and filled on site the gabion baskets were quick to install with instant effect enabling soil backfill and build-up of levels to be completed in quick succession. The planting or marginal aquatic plants softened the edges of the new pond as well as adding colour, texture and biodiversity.

DF Clark came to the formal pond after the initial dig out and laying of the liner by others. Following handover at this stage, DF Clark again dressed the pond, cladding the retained edges with timber, laying the stone base, aquatic plants & top soil. DF Clark also constructed and finished the central weirs that formed the ornamental design element of the pond. Wide central steps at the end of the pond added to the grandature of the pond where DF Clark clad the concrete formed steps with sandstone paving and bull nose sandstone step treads.