Sales Office – London

Silvertown, London

Sales office water feature & associated landscape

Barratt Homes

David Fountain Designs

Four weeks

Sleeper retained water feature, irrigation system, turf, trees & shrubs, paving

The retaining sleeper walls to the water feature formed the main element of the build and was the first feature to be constructed allowing works to the water feature to continue while other areas of the design were prepared.

Following the sleeper wall construction a type 1 base for the hard standing areas around the water feature was laid and compacted to proposed levels ready to take the surface dressing and paving. Previous to the laying of the type 1, concrete pads and armoured cable to take the light fittings were installed allowing light fittings to be easily mounted and wired up at a later phase of the build.

Meanwhile the liner of the water feature was installed and clad with painted plywood to protect from damage as well as form a smooth surface finish to the inside of the feature.  Built on a slope the water feature was divided into sections creating weirs where the water was pumped over each section.

Flowing the laying of the central path, architectural Box balls and Phormium’s were planted and a timed battery operated irrigation system fitted guaranteeing watering of expensive plants though the summer months.

Light fittings were fixed to the concrete pads and connected to the electricity supply, a final dressing of slate mulch finished the area. At the same time as the architectural planting stage 18no Silver Birch trees were planted in the proposed grass areas adjacent to the water feature & central path. Once planted the final stage of the build was the turfing. Starting at the building and working out toward the road all turf was laid and the site finished following a final watering.