Showhouse – Dagenham

Barking Riverside, Dagenham

Construction of show house garden


DF Clark Design Team

One week

Paving, decking, turfing, planting, ornamental stone mulch, bespoke benches and monoliths.

As with many new developments it was compulsory for each house to have a garden shed, and ground levels were set in relation to access to the rear alley gate & foot path. In order to set the levels for the rest of the garden the paving was marked out and laid. Sleeper retaining walls were installed to take ramps allowing for the main patio area to be level.  Construction of the hardwood decking to the rear of the garden, followed the completion of paving which led into the next build element which was the bespoke bench made from gabion baskets with a hardwood bench top located within the decking.

Stone & timber monoliths were bought in and set in place within planting and turfing areas.  Paving stepping stones within the turf circle and a granite set edging detail were laid.  Following this, top soil was wheelbarrowed in and spread over turf and planting beds. A weed suppressing geotextile membrane was laid around the granite set edging & extent of adjacent planting areas where the ornamental stone mulch was over laid.

Architectural plants were planted and turf laid cutting around the previously laid stepping stones.

To complete the garden, previously planted steel planter pots were bought in and put in place along with hardwood garden furniture.