Soft Landscape – Planting & Turf

London & East Anglia

Soft landscape works

DF Clark have over thirty years’ experience in planting, turfing and seeding.

With a horticulturally trained work force planting schemes are laid out, planted and finished to British Standards ensuring best quality establishment for plants & turf and a visually correct aesthetic to the scheme. All planting is watered before and after planting and a bark or stone mulch laid to suppress weeds and help with water retention.

With machinery and vehicles DF Clark are able to handle large trees and shrubs up to eight metres high. Trees like this need skilled labour to manoeuvre, plant and secure the tree, ensuring no detrimental damage is caused in the process.

Turfing to small gardens or large public open spaces comes as second nature and again quality assured. Prior to turf laying, existing soil is rotavated, raked out to levels and stone picked to ensure a level surface. Drainage and levels are carefully considered to ensure no puddling or dipping in the finish as well as ensuring the turf is always at a finished height above paving ensuring future maintenance of mowing can be carried out correctly with cuts above the paving slab.  Grass seeding is again given the same attention with virtually stone free soil being a vital role to successful establishment and future aesthetics of grass seed areas.