Bespoke Landscape Features & Sculpture

DF Clark have specialist teams & equipment to manufacture a range of bespoke landscape features including timber & metal fencing, multi material sculpture and street furniture.

Sculptures & features are designed closely with the client or community group to realise a pre-formed idea or to develop the concept of a piece of art work from scratch to fit the profile, project and surroundings.

Bespoke features add a unique slant to a development as well as promoting an essence of individuality and pride of place.

DF Clark believe that hand crafted items give a scheme a sense of care and attention that can’t be matched by of the shelf products.

Bespoke works also offer the opportunity to mould existing features to be better suited to the site or masterplan giving rise to the concept design.


  • Water Features
  • Sculpture
  • Exterior Canvas Wall Art
  • Timber Fencing
  • Metal Fencing
  • Vehicular & Pedestrian Gates
  • Hand Painted Play Features
  • Structures & screens