Based in Essex & East London
Although based in Essex, we regularly provide ecology and arboricultural services for projects and clients in London, Kent, Sussex and Suffolk or further afield as required.  We provide a fully comprehensive ecology and arboricultural service for both the private and commercial sector. Be it from initial discussions through to assistance with developments requiring a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), we provide a high level of service that allows us to work on a range of projects which are almost limitless.

DF Clark are ISO 9001 accredited with a copy of our policy available on request.

The Ecology Team
The ecology team has substantial professional experience in conducting a range of protected species surveys and impact assessments. We design and implement ecological mitigation strategies for a diverse range of projects – both simple and complex – and provide advice services for all sectors, including Developers, Land Managers and Local Planning Authorities.

Arboricultural Team
Our arboricultural team has extensive experience in all tree related areas including, trees and development, tree condition assessment, tree related damage and woodland management. We work closely with Architects, Engineers and Developers, giving pre-application advice for planning proposals, as well as producing Arboricultural Impact Assessments for planning submissions and Arboricultural Method Statements for works close to trees, particularly to discharge planning conditions.

Tree Radar unit
We have a Tree Radar Unit which allows for a non-invasive method of assessing the location and depth of tree roots when designing work close to trees or assessing for the potential for damage, for example.