Building Enhancement – Chelmsford

Chelmsford, Essex

Design of planter


Design of planter to act as barrier to car parking as well as softeing and screening parking area


The team were asked to design a planter to be constructed over a podium deck in order that views out from apartments would be softened and partially screened from the parking beyond. The new apartments are located within a former office block and so all works needed to be fitted accordingly and to existing engineering constraints.

The planter would also be acting as a barrier to cars against the edge of the podium which saw a 3m drop on the other side. Due to space constraints the planter saw a width of only 300mm but a height of 900mm offered more soil capacity while allowing the whole structure to be light weight.

Olive trees and Rosemary shrubs where specified for their low water demand, while the Olive trees gave height to the design without too much weight through tree mass or sail effect through heavy crown form.

Hardwood timber cladding offered a high quality durable material which in its slatted formation corresponded to the horizontal & vertical lines of the building.