Concept Garden Design – London

Edgware, London

Garden design concept for brochure

Barratt Homes

To produce concept garden designs for three house types, to four budgets


DF Clark were asked to produce a total of sixteen designs over three house types with four budget choices in order to produce a garden brochure for house buyes looking to purchase plots within the Barratt development site. The designs were drawn and budget costed to ensure the concept was achievable in relation to the given budget. The budget costs were set out as standard, bronze, silver and gold ranging from £5,000.00 to £20,000.00.

Each garden had a concept and was given a name, the below images are of a design favourite that was named ‘The Garden Room. Using heavy timber shelving with an overhead entrance to the centre of the space, the garden is divided into discrete spaces while allowing views though to the back giving a sense of divide without compromising openness. The shelving idea also offers storage space and a sense of bringing the inside outside with potted plants, ornaments, wind chimes, garden tools and such taking up the shelf space.

As part of the planning conditions to the Barratt development, each house had to include a garden shed with integrated bin store meaning each garden design was required to include this as well.

In this design the first set of shelf structures within the garden partially screens the bin store from the patio space directly in front of the double doors to the house. The bin store was given further design lift with the addition of a green roof with wildflower and sedum planting.

The second garden space of the design sees a change in surface materials from paving to decking to further articulate the change in space as well as echo the language of the timber shelf structures.

Pleached trees to the perimeter of the garden offer enclosure and screening from the adjacent three story houses.