Equestrian Property Landscape Visual Impact Assessment

Epping Forest

New house & equine facilities to replace existing

Anderson Group

RMA Architects

To carry out a simple LVIA as requested by the LPA


Due to the sites sensitive location adjacent to Epping Forest, the local planning authority requested that a simple Landscape Visual Impact Assessment was carried out to prove that the surrounding landscape had been taken into consideration within the design process and that any mitigation needed to ensure the proposal blended with the surroundings had been highlighted and again been incorporated into the final design.

The development proposal was to replace an existing house with equine facilities with a new house and advanced equine facilities. Due to the fact there was no change in use to the land, and the building already responding to planning conditions relation to height and massing, the sensitivity of the proposal was considered to be moderately low in. The council had not asked for a full LVIA but rather a supporting document.

Following discussion with the landscape officer at Epping Forest District Council, a number of viewpoints around the site were agreed with a few more added that DF Clark felt important to include as part of the study. This showed the site within its setting as well as views of the site that would be visible from different areas and by different receptors. The photographs and field study highlighted areas that would need further screening from houses near to the boundary as shown in the ‘visual envelope’ diagram. A contour diagram shows how the site sits within existing contours and highlights areas within the local setting where the site might be visible.

Informed firstly by the desktop studies and then by the field work, the landscape mitigation focused on screening, species integration & landscape preservation. The mitigation saw proposed planting of native and species of local province to the site boundary as well as hedge & tree planting to the boundary of the private garden of the proposed house.

As well as the landscape mitigation drawing, planting palette & section drawings, the report included photo montages of the before and after effect of the landscape mitigation proposal.