Rural Housing Proposal

Little Clacton

New house & equine facilities to replace existing

Spider Homes & Developments LTD

Wincer Kievenaar LLP

Soft design for Outline Planning in particular Buffer planting to the boundary


For the client and architect it was important to include a landscape scheme out outline planning stage that responded to the surrounding context of the site to show that the landscape had been carefully considered throughout the design process of the site.

Following previous discussion with the LPA a 10m buffer zone to screen the site had been mentioned and advise given that without such buffer the development would not be passed.

As landscape architects we always want to see landscape buffers within a rural setting and the wider this buffer can be the better. However, space does not always facilitate this and compromise needs to be made. In the case of this project the buffer zone needed to be restricted to only 5m allowing enough space within the site for adequate garden space, road infrastructure, parking & public open space.

Following a site investigation and walk over of the local area It was thought that a 5m wide buffer was adequate for the setting and was even greater than the status quo of screening to existing properties within the area.

Landscape is never simple, and what we think we need for our landscape is not always practical or achievable and in the case of this project was actually out of charter to have such a wide planted buffer zone.

At this stage a full colour masterplan showed where the landscape typologies would be located, trees, grass, indigenous hedge, wildlife friendly shrub & perennial & wildflower. Detail of species would be draw up in the detail design stage however species pages dedicated to each landscape typology clearly showed the proposed planting species in both text and photo form.