Colchester Northern Gateway

North Colchester

Large (100hectare) phased development comprising sports, outdoor and commercial, with residential development.

Colchester Borough Council.

Habitat and protected species surveys with habitat design and enhancement. Tree survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessments to inform the design process. Topographical survey project management.

Commenced 2015, ongoing project.

Colchester is one of the fastest growing places in the country and as such, is undergoing extensive development to meet these demands.  The Northern Gateway is a high-profile priority for the Borough to raise Colchester’s profile on a regional and national level, to stimulate economic growth, to create jobs and opportunities for its growing population, as one of the fastest growing towns in the country.

The key priorities for the authority in implementing and developing the Gateway are:

  • Developing a new Gateway to Colchester
  • Creating 3,500 jobs
  • Beautiful & striking public realm and architectural designs
  • Sustainable and Green credentials
  • Identifying and implementing new revenue streams
  • Supporting Colchester Town Centre
  • Enhancing & evolving sports and leisure participation

D F Clark Bionimique Ltd are providing ecological and arboricultural expertise for this project ensuring sound ecological advice, completion of UK and European protected species surveys, practical mitigation and enhancement solutions.  As part of the project we are also project managing completion of fundamental topographical surveys from which the project designs will be based.  Our remit on this project is broad and the services that we provide includes:

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Ecology Surveys

We are undertaking a suite of UK and European protected species surveys across the development site to ensure that all respective legislation requirements are identified and adhered to.  In this way, the existing ecology of the development site will be known and therefore fully protected during the project’s development and construction, plus enhanced for future generations.

Active Involvement in Scheme Design

The information collected through our extensive ecological, arboricultural and topographical surveys will provide the basis on which, the design of the Northern Gateway is based.  In this way, the scheme design will ensure that habitats for key ecological receptors such as bats and reptiles are protected, maintained and enhanced beyond the construction phase.  Mature/veteran trees or important hedgerows will also be identified and fully protected ensuring their value for wildlife and the local area are fully incorporated into the project design.