Shoebury Garrison

Shoebury, South East Essex

Large (4.3hectare) residential and commercial development

Garrison Developments Ltd

Habitat and protected species surveys

Commenced 2015, ongoing project

Shoebury Garrison is a large multi-purpose development within Shoeburyness, Essex and is currently at the early stages of the planning process.  The site is located nearby to several UK and European sites designated for nature conservation.  Such sites include, UK protected Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserves (LNR) and, European protected Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Ramsar

D F Clark Bionomique Ltd. have been involved with this scheme since 2015. For the project we have conducted extensive ecological baseline surveys to inform the project design and were heavily involved with the production of the associated Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA), completing the UK Designated Sites Impact Assessment. As part of the project we work closely with the client to deliver a net gain for nature conservation through the site development. Ecological surveys are currently ongoing to ensure that robust and effective ecological protection, mitigation and enhancement strategies are developed and effectively implemented to ensure this net gain.