PROJECT: Berryfield Tiptree, Essex
SECTORS: Commercial / Residential
SERVICES: Landscape Design
CLIENT: Inland Homes
DATE: 2018

The development sees a ring of dwellings that facing onto a shared surface road and a central green open space. Dwellings are set back from the access road offering openness as well as landscaped frontages. The central open space is the heart of the development and will include provision for play, seating and public art. The space will be overlooked on all sides therefore reducing vandalism and creating a sense of safety.

Where space allows, house frontages will see lawns with peripheral hedges to demark ownership. Planting beds will feature on front elevations to all dwellings. Planting is designed to be robust, have year round interest, seasonal change and ecological value.

The central open space uses the same planting principle, with an evergreen hedge defining the perimeter of the space and the back edge of the planting bed, while shrub and herbaceous planting infills the beds within. All planting is native and wildlife friendly offering nectar, berries and shelter.

The principles of Natural Play were employed to offer the opportunity of play while being in keeping with the rural setting. Natural Play also allows for informal play to occur without the need of fenced off areas and segregation of age and user groups. Seating, play equipment, path networks and thoroughfares along with public art all feature in one fluid space for all user groups.





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