PROJECT: Boreham Main Road, Chelmsford Essex
SECTORS: Commercial / Residential
SERVICES: Landscape Design
CLIENT: Inland Homes
DATE: 2019

The development comprised of twenty-eight dwellings, both family houses and apartments. Material selection played a key role in the design process to reflect the local, rural setting.

Tumbled block paving was proposed using varying colour tones and block sizes to subtly differentiate between pedestrian and vehicular areas. A contrasting resin bound gravel offered further demarcation to the play area footpath while offering a durable and low maintenance surface.

The rural materials palette was further implemented with the earthy red colour of the resin bound rubber crumb for play equipment surfacing, with the play equipment itself taking the form of natural timber elements.

The inclusion of trees within the street scene was an important and challenging process due to the width of the road, screening of natural light into windows as well as locations of underground services. However, where space allowed, trees were fundamental to the design, breaking up building mass and roof lines, particularly screening views into gardens and neighbouring properties.





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