PROJECT: Six Hills, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
SECTORS: Commercial / Residential
SERVICES: Landscape Design
CLIENT: Land Charter Homes
DATE: 2018

Six Hills is a refurbishment project that saw a 1982, seven story office building transformed into 132 housing association and private dwellings, with a central courtyard community open space.

The building was refurbished to be fresh and colourful through cladding and coloured glass balustrading. The green hue of the trees, Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’, emphasises this fresh and vibrant character. There are also bright flowering perennials planted behind low hedges of Prunus lusitanica and block planting of the variegated evergreen grass Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’.

The central public open space takes on more of a natural aesthetic through irregular path design, location of seating and the provision of natural play equipment. The inclusion of trees in both multi-stem and single stem further articulates the unregimented design as well as acting as a partial screen for dwellings that overlook the courtyard.

Provision for play has been included within the space in the form of large boulders, material changes and simple timber stepping blocks.






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