Tree Surgery

Our tree surgery team cover all aspects of professional tree care, using a wide range of our own specialist equipment. Our tree surgeons and groundsmen are all NPTC qualified and can perform a full range of arboricultural tasks. We also recycle everything that we take away from jobs, whether it be, logs for homes, chippings sold to power plants or timber for landscaping projects.

Private Sector

If you are seeking a one-off quotation for tree works, a hazard survey to comply with your duty of care or you would like to find a long-term tree surgery team you can rely on. You can rely on our team to take care of all your arboriculture needs.

Commercial Sector

We can provide a full range of arboricultural services including liaison with the Local Planning Authority and Forestry Commission if required. Our team provides a distinctive range of tree services to all types of local authority, NHS organizations, schools and building contractors (Bellways, Barratts, Wates, and Higgins). We can handle anything from council street trees to clearance on building sites. We also have access to our own grab lorries which enables us to move large amounts of timber and chip from site efficiently.

Tree Surgery Services

  • Removal of Deadwood – The removal of dead, dying or diseased branches.
  • Crown Reduction – Reducing the canopy of the tree which allows the tree to be maintained in a smaller area than its full growth potential.
  • Crown Thinning – The removal of a percentage of branches within the tree.
  • Crown Lift – Raising the canopy of the tree, usually to permit access for pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Pollarding – This is the removal of all the growth of a tree back to the main stem with the goal of producing a quantity of vigorous shoots from the bowl.
  • Ivy Severance/Removal – Severing the ivy at the base of the tree, poisoning the root and then when the ivy has died, coming back and removing it completely.
  • Coppicing - Coppicing is the removal of all growth of a tree or shrub to a point close to ground level. Stumps are left with the objective of producing a quantity of vigorous shoots from the retained stump.
  • Complete Removal of Tree – This could be felling the tree in one, or dismantling, maybe with the aid of a rigging kit to lower the tree down in pieces with control.


  • Formative Pruning – This involves going over the canopy of younger trees eliminating faults that could cause potential harm to the tree or their surroundings before they grow too big and it happens.
  • Stump Grinding – We use a tractor PTO driven grinder for commercial work or a remote controlled grinder for smaller stumps. Its adjustable width is perfect for back garden/domestic work.
  • Stump Poisoning – We use ecoplugs to kill of the stump. They are inserted into a drilled hole and knocked in with a hammer, which releases the poison into the hole. We seal this which makes sure it is safe.
  • Tree Bracing Systems – Allows us to brace damaged limbs of trees, prolonging their life and giving the customer peace of mind.
  • Flailing (Tractor Mounted) – Our tractor mounted flailing is ideal for hedge rows and large areas of scrub clearance.
  • Flailing (360 Digger mounted) – Our Flail can be fitted to our 360 digger. It is excellent for clearing scrub, young saplings and removal of trees. Perfect for site clearance.
  • Brushcutting/Scrub Clearance – General clearance of brambles and young saplings, range from hand held brushcutters to a flail that is fitted to our 360 digger.
  • Use of our own MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) – One of our most versatile pieces of kit that can go over almost any terrain. 

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If you are looking for a landscape contractor based in London, Essex or the Home Counties, click on the link below to get in contact with a member of the D F Clark team.

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